99 in 33

KATALOG is not ‘just a picture magazine’. We all enjoy a good story with achievements, well told and so interesting that we become a little wiser… or curious for more. 

This time, KATALOG – issue # 99 in 33 years! – is packed with great stories: 

Wendy Watriss from Houston speaks lovingly and personally about her time with her late partner Fred Baldwin, but also inspiringly and insightfully about the festival they together founded in 1986, FotoFest, which has been and still is an important network – 16 pages in total. 

Also for this journal indeed – for instance in the chapter I to Eye you are introduced to the artists Matthew FinnAdam Wiseman, and Louie Palu (cover) whom I first met at FotoFest’s Meeting Place Portfolio Review 8-10 years ago – unforgettable meetings and images, that have been waiting for the opportunity to be shown in KATALOG – along with striking portraits by Helga TheilgaardVegar MoenJohn Alinder, and Luca Berti

Jeffrey Ladd describes – as a bibliophile – so passionately Swedish Gerry Johansson’s book publications, that you will hopefully want to hold, smell and look at his books yourself. Because photographs are meant to be enjoyed in real life – whether it is on exhibition walls or in art books. 

Henning Wettendorff reports on an exhibition, a book and a seminar, all three of which are based on the gallery Fotografisk Center’s 25th anniversary – and thereby provides a thorough insight into exciting developments within Danish AND Scandinavian art photography in the past quarter of a century. 

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Enjoy – and stay curious.

Jens Friis